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Puerto Rican Machetero Ties Lead To Bronx Subpoenas


Puerto Rican Machero Ties Lead To Bronx Subpoenas

A few days before Christmas, two men walked into Julio Pabon’s sports memorabilia store on E.149th St. in the South Bronx.

One of them identified himself as an FBI agent; the other was from the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the NYPD.

“We’re looking for Julio Pabon,” one said.

“Which one, father or son?” replied the store’s employee.

They wanted to ask the younger Pabon “some questions,” the men said before leaving a business card.

A few days later, Julio Antonio Pabon, a 27-year-old budding filmmaker and graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut, called the phone number on the card and arranged a meeting. He was accompanied by his mother.

This time there was one detective and two FBI agents, including one from San Juan. They showed the young man 20 photos of Hispanic-looking individuals and asked if he knew any of them.

Pabon told them he recognized only one, a poet named Hector Rivera. Years ago, when Pabon was president of the Latino club at Wesleyan, he asked Pedro Pietri, the celebrated New York poet who has since died, to arrange a performance for the students. Pietri sent Rivera and a group called Welfare Poets up to the school. That was the first and last time Pabon met Rivera.

The agents immediately handed the young man a subpoena to appear in federal court on Jan. 11.

He is one of at least three young Puerto Ricans in this city who have been subpoenaed to appear Friday before a Brooklyn federal grand jury investigating local links to the Macheteros, the three-decade-old violent Puerto Rican independence group.

“There must be some mistake,” the elder Pabon told me this week. “My son has never been a member of any political group, unless you’re counting the Yankees’ traveling fan group.”

Sure, more than 30 years ago, Pabon the father was a well-known Bronx community organizer and fervent advocate of Puerto Rican independence, but he never advocated terrorism.

For the past few decades, he has been a respected businessman and promoter of Latino sports events and is known by virtually everyone of influence in the Bronx.

“I’ve known Julito the son since he was born,” said Rep. Jose Serrano (D-Bronx). “What could he and these other young people possibly know that helps the FBI?”

In addition to the young Pabon, Tania Frontera, a graphic designer, and Christopher Torres, a social worker, have been subpoenaed.

Frontera and Torres were active several years ago in the successful movement to end the Navy’s use of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques as a bombing range, acquaintances say. Protests over the grand jury investigation are expected Friday here and in Puerto Rico.


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  1. Lenny
    Has to be a case of misunderstanding or the NYPD and FBI have uncovered the past of some folks trying to hide their past acts while members of the group.. Who knows..