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The Bronx? No thonx, say residents


The Bronx? No thonx, say residents 

New Yorkers are full of love for their neighborhoods these days - unless they live in the Bronx.

While 75% of city dwellers described their neighborhoods as between “good” and “excellent” in a new survey by the Citizens Committee for New York City, Bronx respondents largely gave their blocks the Bronx cheer.

There, 64% of survey respondents rated their neighborhoods between “poor” and “good.”

A big factor was safety.

City dwellers across the five boroughs agreed in the survey that safety was the most important quality-of-life issue in the city, and Bronx residents were the least likely to call their neighborhoods safe.

“At night, you go to sleep and hear bullets,” said Gloria Taylor, a 56-year-old grandmother and homemaker in Soundview, the Bronx. “If you go out at 6 or 7 in the morning, you never, ever close your eyes.”

Bronx residents said their streets were significantly less safe than those in other parts of the city. Brooklyn residents said theirs were a little less safe, while in Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, respondents overwhelmingly said they felt safe - and that their streets were above the city average.

“The police are always around here all of the time, said Shirley Russell, 39, of Ozone Park, Queens. “We don’t have a lot of shootings or break-ins or anything like that. It’s quiet.”

New Yorkers in the survey also ranked clean air and streets and access to public transportation as major issues that affect urban quality of life.


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