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Bronx man weeps as he testifies about stop-and-frisk



Nicholas Peart is a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit challenging the procedure as racially biased in Manhattan Federal Court. 	Nicholas Peart, after testifying in Manhattan Federal Court, March 19th 2013, at the ongoing trial on the NYPD's controversial stop-n-frisk.


Nicholas Peart, who has been stopped and frisked twice, testified Tuesday that the tactic made him feel “criminalized,” as if he had no right to be in his own neighborhood.

An NYPD whistleblower testified Tuesday that he taped supervisors at a South Bronx stationhouse agreeing on quotas for arrests and stop-and-frisks.

“They called it productivity,” Adhyl Polanco testified in Manhattan Federal Court on the second day of a trial in a class-action lawsuit against the controversial stop-and-frisk tactic.

Polanco testified that supervisors at the 41st Precinct stationhouse in 2009 wanted “20 and 1” — 20 summonses a month and one arrest. He said the bosses also wanted five stop-and-frisks a month.



David Floyd is the lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit alleging the stop-and-frisk tactic unfairly targets minorities. The judge has no power to ban the divisive crime-fighting measure but can order reforms that affect the way the NYPD operates.


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