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49th, 45th Precincts Celebrate National Night Out

America’s National Night Out was another success as thousands of residents came out to learn more about what their local precincts can do for their communities.

The Night Out, a national event intended on bringing communities together with their precincts to heighten drug and crime prevention awareness, celebrated its 28th year with the NYPD in the Bronx on Tuesday, August 2.

The 49th Precinct, along with local community organizations and associations, set-up information tables on the Pelham Parkway North lawn between Barnes and Wallace avenues. Approximately 4,000 showed up during the three-hour program, and Community Affairs officer Victor DiPierro was not at all surprised.

“I’ve been a part of this with the precinct for 12 years, and every year, I know for sure it gets bigger and better,” DiPierro said. “Around this time of year, everybody knows the event is coming up. It’s certainly a great opportunity to see everything that’s offered in the community. Throughout the night, a wealth of useful information can be learned.”

Free snacks and beverages were offered for guests, games were available for kids, and musical entertainment, led by the sounds of Just Nuts, filled the summer air. Read more..


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Long Battle Over As Déjà Vu Agrees to Withdraw Court Challenge

NEW YORK- After months of fighting the troubling Bronx establishment known as Déjà Vu Bar and Grill, State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced today that the bar will permanently lose its liquor license.

“I am thrilled to announce that this case is closed for good. My constituents have dealt with this loud, disruptive night club for too long and today’s deal officially restores their quality of life, bringing peace and quiet to their neighborhood,” said Senator Klein.

Déjà Vu and SLA attorneys, along with Klein and community leaders, have been in and out of court arguing their cases. Klein, community leaders and the SLA won the first round in court after a judge upheld lifting Déjà Vu’s temporary restraining order and Déjà Vu attorneys backed out of a hearing. At the end of October, Déjà Vu took its case to the Appellate Court where a judge ruled again in favor of the SLA. Continuing its efforts to get back its liquor license, Déjà Vu was supposed to submit paperwork to the Appellate Court next week but the case closed sooner than expected.

Klein learned today that the SLA and Déjà Vu struck a deal. Déjà Vu management proposed to drop its case if SLA leaders rescinded a $1000 bond claim it imposed on the club. The SLA board voted to accept the deal today meaning Déjà Vu’s liquor license is permanently cancelled. The SLA has also directed that if the case is not withdrawn within 5 days, Déjà Vu’s liquor license will be revoked and Déjà Vu’s $1,000 bond claim will be reinstated.

 “This outcome attests to the SLA’s renewed focus of cracking down on serious violations and irresponsible licensees that are a nuisance to their neighbors,” said SLA Deputy CEO Michael Jones.  “We greatly value Senator Klein’s interest and support in this case,”

 “I think for all sides and all people involved this is the best outcome for our community. I think it’s also a clear indication that our community is not going to tolerate places that disrupt our neighborhoods. We are very open to new businesses but we want them to be businesses that are constructive for our community and obey the law,” said Joe Thompson, President of the 49th Precinct Council and community board. “This outcome shows what can be done when you have an elected official like Senator Klein who spearheads a movement and is supported by the community, the community board and the neighborhood associations.”

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Long Battle Comes to a Close As Déjà Vu Agrees to Withdraw Court Challenge

NEW YORK- Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) will join SLA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Michael Jones, Bronx Community Board 11 representatives and  49th Precinct Council President to announce an agreement between the SLA and Déjà Vu to permanently cancel Déjà Vu’s liquor license.


WHO:    Senator Jeff Klein, SLA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Michael Jones, Community Board 11 representatives, 49th Precinct Council President


WHAT:  Klein announces deal canceling Déjà Vu Bar and Grill liquor license.


WHEN:  Friday, November 6th, 2PM


WHERE:  Déjà Vu, 778 Morris Park Ave, Bronx

Abby Ross
Communications Director
Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein
New York State Senate
3612 E. Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10465
479-283-3505 (cell)


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Bronx girl wins PAL essay contest becomes police commish for a day

       Samantha Marie Medina of the Bronx wins Police Commissioner for a Day after winning the annual PAL essay contest


Samantha Marie Medina, 16, took the reins of the NYPD and became police commissioner - for a day - Wednesday after winning a Police Athletic League essay contest.

The 11th-grader from St. Catharine Academy and 130 other contest-winning students from across the city were sworn in at Police Headquarters - and promptly took their mock posts in high-level NYPD positions.

“I’m was shocked when I got it,” said Medina, who last year won the right to run the 49th Precinct in Morris Park for a day. “This was, like, a big promotion for me, so I was really happy.”

The students won by submitting essays detailing programs that they, as police commissioner, would use to improve the city.

Read more..


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New York Real Estate: Morris Park, Bronx

New York Real Estate: Morris Park, Bronx


Morris Park is defined by Pelham Parkway to the north, the Amtrak/Metro-North tracks to the east and south and Muliner Avenue and Bronxdale Avenue to the west.



Morris Park’s thriving Italian community is often compared to the better-known Little Italy centered on Arthur Avenue, but that doesn’t mean the locals are any less proud of their neighborhood.

The number of pasticcerie, salumerias, and pizzerias crammed into the area is spellbinding, Italian is spoken in the shops, and even the parking meters are striped with the colors of the motherland’s flag.

But at the turn of the century, Morris Park was famous for something else: its racetrack, which was built by John Albert Morris.

Local development picked up in 1910 when a streetcar line was installed on Morris Park Avenue, and construction of new roads and housing continuing well past World War II. Soon, droves of Italian immigrants began settling in the area.

Though the area’s Italian qualities are prominent, some locals claim there’s more to Morris Park than the Italian community.

“It’s always been a family area, and that’s stayed the same, but now all types of people live here,” said Angela DaBenigno, who moved to Morris Park in 1992. “People move in, people move out, but the area constantly adapts to the changes.”

The neighborhood is now home to significant populations of Albanians, Latinos and Chinese.

“There are a lot of different ethnic varieties, different colors,” said DaBenigno. “Years ago it was much more Italian, but times change.”

Though Morris Park’s population has become more diverse in recent years, residents still have certain things in common.

“It’ll always be a good, regular crowd–down-to-earth, working class people,” said DaBenigno. “No matter how much it changes, it’s still a gem in the Bronx.”


Morris Park’s restaurant scene is comprised largely of Italian eateries, with the pizza places considered among the best in the Bronx. Try Emilio’s (1051 Morris Park Ave.); Luciano’s Pizza (1005 Morris Park Ave.); Pasta Pasta (2023 Williamsbridge Rd.); and Federici Ristorante (980 Morris Park Ave.).

  • Patricia’s

This extraordinarily popular brick pizza restaurant gets so packed during peak hours that squeezing through to your table can be quite trying indeed. The atmosphere’s unbeatable, and so is the food: sandwiches made with slices of rich and oily focaccia, breadbaskets accompanied by garlicky dips and arguably some of the best pizza in the Bronx (some even say the city).

1080 Morris Park Ave. 718-409-9069

Read more..


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